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From trading stocks to Amazon selling, Huracán’s team is committed to providing their user base with extensive guides, shock drop information, and early links for members to checkout on every profitable release.

Easy ways to make money in minutes

Aside from the multitude leads, something we are known for is our price errors and methods. We have ways to get $100-1,000 items for free!

Automation tools for resellers

Aside from the information provided to members, the Huracán team has developed tools to simplify their lives. From free food to monitors that snipe when retailers restock hard to find items, we provide it all.

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With a support team from all around the world, you will never fail to receive help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Huracán is home to thousands of members. The loads of success speaks for itself and the information provided is the best in the industry. You’re practically guaranteed success.

Huracán Cooks is currently in stock. Refer to the “Join Now” button in the Home page.

Huracán Cooks is currently $50 per month and can be cancelled anytime.

As of now, Huracán Cooks is mainly focused on US based information, but seek to expand in the near future.

Yes, our focal point is getting your questions answered in a timely manner. Aside from having support tickets in the server, we have staff in the voice chat answering questions throughout the day.

Our Success

Make sure to check out our SUCCESS Twitter down below. This is where you will be able to see all of our member’s success posts.

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Horizon Freebies

Horizon Freebies is our in-house automation tool that checks out FREE items that are sold by Amazon EVERYDAY! Amazon has millions of products with constantly changing sales and coupons. Horizon constantly looks for these deals, and when it finds one, our users automatically buy all the inventory – within seconds!